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Process Services

At Webify we take the BPO to the next step - reading it as Business Process Ownership, rather than Business Process Outsourcing. The focus is to take the ownership of each process (preferably the entire service in which the process is embedded) and to progressively reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).  

The value chain of our Process-centric service offerings is as follows.

  • Service Ownership. This is our Top-of-Line service offering. Here we take ownership of the entire service that is built around the critical-non-core business processes of our partner. The various processes (core and non-core) of our partner's organization tap into this service through service-windows created specifically for them. The unit of service is a transaction, and the focus is on high conformance (and bettering) of the SLCs (Service Level Commitments). This engagement model delivers the dual benefit of relieving the resources of the client organization from the process and easing the support processes to better concentrate on the core business processes.
  • Process Transformation. This is the first level of our services offering at the business level, rather than the process level. The view now shifts to the surrounding processes and their role and value to the process under study. This service offering critically looks at, and shapes the interaction of the process under study with the surrounding processes, with an aim to eliminate unwanted interactions by merging them with other interfaces. This results in the process loosing the tightness of the coupling with other processes, isolating it and preparing it to be transformed into a service by itself. This is the preparatory platform for offering it as a service. The process becomes more agile and adaptable. Managing business change is almost immediate and on-demand.
  • Process Optimization. This is the logical follow-up of our automation offering. Process Automation looks at the process from the viewpoint of improving the efficiency, while Process Optimization works on the effectiveness of the various embedded activities, thus resulting in a leaner-and-meaner business process.
  • Process Automation. This is the basic service offering. It too, like all others, is a  measurable-value-add service. While IT is normally used for process automation, we at Webify ensure that the end-result of the automation is a measurable improvement in the efficiency of the process.

Industry Focus

Webify's clients are spread across multiple industry segments. As a strong business focus, Webify is primarily focused on.

  • Healthcare and Insurance service providers
  • Banking and Non-Banking Financial service providers
  • Logistics and Distribution service providers